Zookeeper  (Labelled as Guard at the Zoo in the game) is an enemy that appears in Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. It only appears in the mission The Asphalt Jungle.

However, if he spotted one of your men, he's not trying to shoot you, but he will alert the other German soldiers then will run inside the Barracks.


The Zookeeper wears a blue uniform.


  • The Zookeeper is the only civilian who cooperates with the Germans.
  • His disguise uniform is very unique to him but the only way to get it, just do the following below:
    • After you beat him with the Green Beret's fists, do not handcuff him. Just move the spy quickly closer to him before he wakes up.
    • Don't let your enemies spotted you. Or else, he would run inside the garrison.
    • Don't alarm anyone which means shooting your pistol in the ground.