Mission 8 - Pyrotechnics Date: Oct 19 1942 Place: Tell el Eisa

Historic Background: It's late October, 1942. Since the arrival of General Montgomery to El Alamein, tense preparations are taking place both in British and Rommel's German-Italian lines. The battle of El Alamein is about to begin.

Objectives: In the meantime, the Commandos will lead small harassing incursions against Rommel's positions. Today, you are commissioned to attack a supply center in Tell el Eisa. If you succeed, this will leave a whole Armored Division without supplies.

Tactical Advice: Well, officer, you'll start from these ruins in the Northwest. Then you'll infiltrate the camp and blow up all the oil barrels, the fuel depots, and this large reservoir. Then you'll meet a friendly vehicle in the extraction point. And that will be all. Thank you very much.


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