"Hang on, one question, where are we?" - Inferno

"Haven't you guessed yet? Berlin!" - Spooky

It is mission set in Berlin, Germany. The main objective is to eliminate the treacherous General.

The Team:Edit

(*) They are available later in the mission.


- Find your comrades. 
- Kill the traitor before he reports to the enemy. To do this 
  you could obtain a sniper rifle, get into position and eliminate him 
  when entering or exiting his car. Alternatively, you could obtain an 
  an enemy Officer's uniform and sneak up on him to kill him, or you 
  could prepare an ambush and attack him with explosives while he is 
  in his car. 
- Escape with all of your men in the Kubelwagen near the prison door.


  • The mission is set in a fictionalized version of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is present, however, the Unter den Linden boulevard is absent in game. Also right in front of the Brandenburg Gate is depicted a building that resembles the Gendarmenmarkt which is situated at different location in reality.

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