German Soldiers are the generic enemies that appears in all Commandos video games. They are served for the Nazi Germany.



The guards are the most common units you will find in the game. They make you halt and investigate any suspicious visual or acoustic signal. They are very vulnerable to the Decoy and Sapper's Trap.


These soldiers never leave their position or their patrolling area. If they spot you, they will hold you under fire until a patrol comes by to catch you. Use the Sniper or take them from behind.

Machine GunnerEdit

Machine gunners are one of the common units that appears in the game. They only seen patrolling the area along with the Sergeant. They fire machine guns at the player once if they spot you.

Assault GunnerEdit

Assault gunners are featured only in Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty which carries a sub-machine guns that fire at the player if they spotted you. In order to kill them with a regular pistol, it required two shots until it killed.


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