The Gestapo uniform

The enemy uniform is worn by every enemy soldier. It can be worn by any Commando during a mission, in order to walk past an enemy soldier's far view, instead of crawling. Only the Spy can make full use of it as he can wear it for an infinite amount of time. The enemy uniform has different ranks. The mechanic, submachine gunner/rifleman, lieutenant, officer, and general/Gestapo.

Only the Spy can wear high rank uniforms, although no matter what rank he is dressed in, anyone above the rank of officer will immidiately recognize him. In the case of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines the Spy can't choose the rank he is dressed in, but in the sequels the player must be aiming to kill a high rank enemy officer instead of an ordinary soldier.

To use it, click on the Uniform icon or press the Hotkey U to dress and undress the uniform.